Evolutionary Architecture - Evolutionary Insurance Platform

One of the challenges for building a modern insurance platform is to be future proof.

Latest technology

The tech11 platform is based on latest technology! For that reason, we have in different points an advance comparing to some of our competitors.
That’s very good! Today…

But what happens tomorrow? Also some systems of our competitors based on big, heavy-weight monolith and proprietary company frameworks were good from a technological point of view… 20 years ago.
What do we do to avoid this scenario for the tech11 insurance platform?

We use an evolutionary architecture style.

Evolutionary Architecture Style

This term was not just created by tech11 for writing a trendy blog post entry - damn ;-) About evolutionary architecture you can read articles or buy books. As usual, we try to avoid proprietary approaches.

The key pillar of an evolutionary architecture is:

An evolutionary architecture supports incremental, guided change as a first principle across multiple dimensions.

[source: Keynote by Neal Ford]

For more information you can also have a look to the following links:

Evolutionary Insurance Platform

We like this approach because if you are thinking about insurance systems there is a different livetime comparing to some trendy mobile apps. Normally insurance systems are running for decades before they will be renewed.

We follow this architecture to avoid that our customer have to renew our system in 15 years just for technical reasons. Furthermore, after tech11 is also providing a cloud based insurance platform, it’s even more important to have the ability to renew the system continuously.

With our evolutionary architecture style we are always able to renew modules of our insurance platform without impacts for existing customer installations. We will ship you also in the future latest technology for a great insurance platform.

If you are interested in more details of our evolutionary architecture platform, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@tech11.com.