Run this Blog

How is this blog working form a technical point of view?

Blog Infrastructure

This blog is running with jekyll.

Transform your plain text into static websites and blogs


The blog is hosted at github as github page.

Local Test Environment

To run this blog on a local enviornment we use a Docker container. In detail: just the preconfigured Docker container jekyll-docker

As described in the documentation we wrap this in a docker-compose file:

version: "3"
        command: jekyll serve    
        image: jekyll/jekyll:latest
        - ./:/srv/jekyll
        - ./vendor/bundle:/usr/local/bundle
        - 4000:4000
        - 35729:35729
        - 3000:3000
        -   80:4000

Therefore you can just start everything by docker-compose up respectively docker-compose start.

Rebuild the blog is done by docker-compose exec site jekyll build.

Please see also the how to use section from jekyll-docker.