Why blogging?

Okay, it’s easy. We, as a tech company, we must use the subdomain [blog.tech11.com]. ;-)

Next questions: which content (beside the usual cat pics ;-)) ?

We will use this blog for

  • thoughts to the insurance-IT world. After we spend the most time of the day with insurance-IT, we have many thoughts about it. Here we will share it.

  • mini blogging. For micro blogging there is already a tool out there: Twitter. We are blogging at twitter.com/companytech11. For everything where 280 chars are not ennough, we will use this blog. But don’t be afraid: we will also share the links of these posts on Twitter ;-)

  • product documentation. Our documentation is as close as possible to our source code (API documentation, REST documentation, How to use and so on.) Nevertheless for some documentations it’s difficult to put it beside the code base. For example: best practise to configure an insurance product within the tech11 product designer.

  • setup guide. Just to document our system setup and infrastructure.

  • tech stuff. We write down how we manage different tech challenges.

  • system architecture. For our sales presentations we need details about our system architecture. Therefore, we just write down the details here in different blog posts.

  • trouble shooting. We are tech experts! But of course, also we have technical problems days by day. Here, we will describe how we solved them.